“Under the veneer of fame, are celebrities just like us?

HIGH NOTES is a collection of FUN stories. Seen through the eyes of an agent, a manager, a fan and a friend, these stories are the varied, true experiences of one man’s coming of age in the music business from 1966 to 1981.

Rock ‘n’ Roll icons of the ‘60s and ‘70s that inspired and shaped a generation were the author’s personal mentors, business partners, and friends. His experiences offer music and pop-culture lovers a reflective insider’s perspective on these amazing artists in one of the most compelling periods of American history. From his tumultuous days on the road with Jim Morrison, to brunch with the Kennedys, to managing Jerry Garcia, to coked-out days with the Grateful Dead, run-ins with the Hells Angels and juke joints along the Mississippi, agent/manager Richard Loren recalls his journey through the turbulent eras of rock‘s ascendency. His humorous and heartfelt anecdotes illuminate music history and provide telling insights into some of the most notable entertainment personalities of the late Twentieth Century.

HIGH NOTES offers a broad look at the cultural era and focuses not on the glamour of the music business but on its more human and vulnerable side, as seen through the eyes of a twenty-something who adored music and was just getting his first taste of celebrity, big business, and the countercultural movement.

Eminently readable and authentic, readers will find this insider’s account fascinating and satisfying.



High Notes was released November 2014 in hardcover and paperback editions and is available at amazon.com and all major booksellers.

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eBook format available on amazon.com.

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