I first met the author of this memoir at the Convention Hall in Asbury Park, New Jersey in the summer of 1968. He was the new agent for the new band I’d formed with Peter Rowan — Earth Opera. I was hiding in the men’s room pretending that nature had called, to buy our band a few more minutes before we had to start warming up the crowd that was filtering in to see the then-exploding Doors. That night Richard Loren and I made an immediate and permanent (we’re still fast friends) connection despite the fact that he was the “suit” and I was the “artist”

Richard was never a typical anything. Although he was already an experienced music biz hustler with an agenda that night, I could see that beneath his ebullient surface was a true seeker of knowledge and wisdom with just the right dash of cynicism, coupled with a wacky sense of humor (and a love for superior cannabis) that told me that here was a fellow who could simultaneously create and dismiss the bullshit that pervades the entertainment industry, see beyond it and just plain enjoy the dance of life at any given moment.

Today, nearly half a century after our first encounter, Richard is telling his tale in a most endearing and literate fashion. I enjoyed it thoroughly and so will you!

David Grisman

May 2014



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