“High Notes” Reviewed in Magic City Morning Star by R. P. BenDedek


“The sixties were an immense concentration of cultural energies, bursting with incredible artists and music,” says Richard Loren. “The seeds of the anti-war, civil rights and women’s movement were all planted in the sixties. We were young and idealistic and these powerful movements united us all. It was a time during which we all shared love, compassion and hope, as we experienced successes and failures in trying to understand life’s truths.” Loren recalls his journey through the turbulent eras of rock’s ascendancy in his new book, High Notes: A Rock Memoir, Working with Rock Legends Jefferson Airplane Through The Doors to the Grateful Dead. With never- before-told stories, Loren offers a humorous and heartfelt account that illuminates music history and provides telling insights into some of the most notable entertainment personalities of the late twentieth century. Eminently readable and authentic, readers will find Loren’s inside look fascinating and satisfying.

“High Notes is part history, part travelogue, part cultural coming-of-age tale,” explains Loren. “The rock ‘n’ roll icons that inspired and shaped a generation were my personal mentors, business partners, and friends. Through my experiences, music and pop-culture lovers gain a reflective insider’s perspective on these amazing artists in one of the most compelling periods of American history.”

Uniquely personal, Loren provides insight and revelation with his singular take on the rich, famous and powerful people he encountered during his days as an agent, manager and promoter. High Notes is must read for those who lived through the times and for those who want to share a personal perspective on one of rock’s most formative and fascinating eras.

Richard Loren worked as Jerry Garcia’s personal manager and is a former agent and manager of the Grateful Dead. In his music business career, he also represented a wide variety of musical artists and other headline bands, most notably–The Doors and Jefferson Airplane. Loren graduated from Gettysburg College and began his professional life in the music business in 1966, as a music agent for the Agency for the Performing Arts (APA) in New York. He found and promoted emerging musical talent with a client list headlining amongst others, Tim Buckley, The Doors, Jefferson Airplane and the Chamber Brothers. He now lives in New England, and continues to be interviewed and quoted frequently by music industry authors and magazine writers. Website: www.highnotes.org